Why Not Buy?

The Ownership Society. You want to use something you should buy it, own it, store it. Mine is mine, yours is yours.

But times are changing, and people are wising up. Why should the car I own define me? It’s a tool. A tool I may only occasionally need. Why should I have a new lawn mower I use every other week, and my neighbor have a new lawn mower he uses every other week? Doesn’t it make sense to go in together, buy a nice lawn mower, and we each get to use it twice a month? Doesn’t it make sense to pay for a car only as much as you use it? If recent trends continue, then people are becoming more and more open to the idea that sharing may truly be caring.

Why pay to buy something you only occasionally use? Does storing it offer satisfaction? I may not always use it but it’s mine, mine, miiiiine…..

Or is there a better way?

Quality gear is expensive. If you’re starting from scratch you can spend upwards of $1500 getting properly outfitted, not to mention hours upon hours researching what you need and the most trusted brands to buy.

TentFleet_2 Tempted to hit Target and go the cheap route? It’s a choice, but, sooner or later, one that will come back to bite you. If this is your first camping trip, or you haven’t been camping in a long time, cheap gear can put a bad taste in your mouth, leaving any hope of going again dead in the water. You’ll also have wasted time and wasted money on bargain basement gear that you have to stick in a corner, somehow unload, or add to a landfill. Awesome.

DSCN0758So, if you have the time, don’t mind spending the money upfront, and are intent on purchasing, caring for, and storing your own equipment, then the quality route is the route you’ll want to take. Don’t compromise on quality.

If you aren’t ready to make that investment, aren’t sure yet if camping is for you, or prefer a full service approach and the convenience of being able to pick up and drop gear off hassle free, then renting from Good To Go Camping is for you. Heck, if you need help planning your trip and customizing it to fit your needs and hopes, Good To Go Camping is for you! Look at us as your camping valet. The concierge that knows the ins and outs, sets you up, and sends you on your way. When you say “I got a guy” we’re that guy. Your inside man. And, as such, we may have some inside info about your trip that’ll up the experience and boost your legend. Hit us up, we’ll help you plan your trip and you can sit around the campfire claiming the knowledge as your own. Don’t forget the 1,000 mile stare and well timed spit.

Not on our gear though, please.


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