Why Go Camping?

All of life is rooted in nature, and a separation from it desensitizes and diminishes us.                                                                                                        –Richard Louv

Oregon Coast

You shouldn’t go camping. It stinks.

Unless you dig adventure, accomplishment, five-star views, roasting marshmallows, staring at a crackling fire, coming together with friends, cozy nights under the stars, and absolute peaceful quiet on mountain tops and oceanJalama Beach Camping fronts.

How often do you turn it all off – the phone, the computer, your fractured attention span? Meetings, schools, deadlines, activities, traffic, overtime, Facebook, Twitter, email, texts, commitments……

When was the last time you weren’t smothered by the noise?

Mountain TimeWhen was the last time you felt…alive?

All the measuring sticks we use to make us feel accomplished, that make us busy, that take our time, that we are told define us. Step away from them and there you are with the basics. The essentials.

…and have a blast! It’s camping fool! Pick a place. Pop a tent. Build your own fire. Yeah, build your own fire. Doesn’t matter who you are, when you build a fire you’ll stare at it thinking “I did that.” I. Did. That. You don’t do that in front of the stove at home do you? Of course you don’t. And, around that campfire, stories will get better, jokes will be funnier, food will taste yummier, and camaraderie will flow.

Jalama SunsetAs we touched upon in our Top Ten, what we experience we can truly appreciate, and what we appreciate we protect. It’s part of the genius behind the idea of National Parks. These are our National treasures and cathedrals. People come from all over the world to see them. Get some gear, get out there, and really experience them.


(video credit: Judd Frazier Photography):


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