Family CampingGTG clients share some feedback on their camping experiences with our gear.





I cannot say enough great things about Good To Go Camping! We have 2 young kids and have always loved the idea of camping; however, we don’t own any gear. The thought of making camping a reality for us seemed daunting, overwhelming, and quite frankly not worth it. Good to Go had EVERYTHING and helped us every step of the way. It was SO easy to order what we wanted, all the gear was top of the line, clean and in incredible condition. When we pulled up to pick up our gear, it was packed together so neatly and fit snuggly in our trunk. Dropping it off was just as easy and left us enjoying our camping trip and time with our family without all the hassle that camping clean up and storing can bring. We are already planing our next trip and love that we can be “good to go” camping whenever we want! THANK YOU!!!!
–Kirsten S.

Good To Go is such fun! They have equipment I’ve always dreamed of using but didn’t have the funds to buy. They make preparing for camping super simple.
–Chandler P.

We had a fantastic, no hassle experience with Good To Go. The gear was in excellent condition, incredibly easy to use and really made our camping trip comfortable and stress-free. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone looking to spend a little time in the great outdoors without having to spend a lot of money purchasing all the necessary gear.
–Aimee L.

Just returned from a fabulous trip to Joshua Tree NP. We rented the camping gear from Good To Go Camping. The gear was super clean and also great quality. They gave excellent service, with an intro on how to use the equipment (which was appreciated by a Camping Newbie like me) and helpful  recommendations on where to go and what to see. They even threw in a camping lamp  for free (which I was glad we got, as our candles didn’t quite work).
–Thomas M.

Our mattress worked great and gave us a perfect night’s sleep.  Was in very good condition and had all the necessary components.  The entire experience was super easy and took the headache (and backache) out of camping.
–Lee C.

“I really appreciated your fast and reliable help on finding the right outdoor gear for our
camping trip! It was great to have solid, reliable and light gear, that
was easy to assemble and great and comfortable to use. Once again, thanks for your professional and friendly help, we will definetely come back!”
Heiko O.

“Thanks so much for your Great Energy & Service. You and your family are so inspiring… We look forward to many more adventures in the Wild:)”

Jessica & Family

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